The Heaviest of Swells

Champagne Charlie Figurine

Short-listed for the STR Theatre Book Prize 2011

'Your research is impressive… What I particularly admire is the way in which you can adduce your own lifetime in show business to shed light on the past.'

Professor Laurence Senelick

Editor of Tavern Singing in Victorian London

'The music hall publishing event of 2011'

'No biographer of Leybourne will ever equal or exceed the attention to detail that is lavished here'

'This is the finest music hall biography you will have read for some time and it will prove to be a good investment. Like a Picasso or a Morgan car, it will never lose its monetary value or indeed its entertainment value.'

Richard Anthony Baker "The Call Boy"

'Here we have the archival scrupulosity of a literary detective...'

Peter Bailey

Author of Popular Culture and Performance in the Victorian City

The Heaviest of Swells is available to order from email: or at £69.00.